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A journey to remember...

...I'll never be the same

Adrian "Spectre" Mors
30 May 1981
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Greetings, newcomer, and welcome to the one true LiveJournal of Spectre. This is no fake or fraud, but rather, your best source of up-to-the-very-minute information on gigs, releases and the more mundane musings of Glasgow's own prog metal hero.

This is me, and I am here. I will be writing this myself, no stand-ins, no substitutes. Please feel free to comment to anything and everything, just know that I might not have time to respond to everyone or anyone. And sorry, but industry people get first priority. It doesn't mean I love you any less.

Onward, then... into the abyss...

This is NOT a real LiveJournal. It is intended solely for use in the Darker London role-play.